At Bean Group, we're here for you...


Big Revenue Share

BIG, our industry leading revenue sharing program, provides a passive income revenue stream for agents.

Capped Commission Plan

You keep more of your hard earned commissions with Blue Sky, our 100% capped commission plan.


Our Marketing studio has a mission to make our agents and their listings outshine the rest of the competition..


At Bean Group support isn’t a concept, or a goal, it’s a culture. We’re here for our agents.


We provide turnkey technology that helps you attract buyers and sellers and convert them into clients.


We bring more than a decade of success to our real estate agent Training programs.


"Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value." - Albert Einstein
Success means different things to different people. To some success is having enough time to do what you want with your friends, family and loved ones. To others success is to have enough money and resources to be financially sound. To some it is a sense of accomplishment from a job well done.

We're here to help you achieve your own personal definition of success. Our success is in providing value for you in the form of an exceptional suite of brokerage services, support, training, and a compensation and wealth building program that helps you reach your goals.