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BIG Revenue Share

BIG is our industry leading revenue share system.

With BIG, we’ve taken the concept of a profit sharing program a giant step forward and have created an industry leading, revolutionary, multi-tiered revenue sharing program that allows our agents to share in the growth and success of the company by providing opportunities for income over and above earning commission income.

Unlike typical profit share arrangements, BIG Revenue Share rewards agents directly for their recruiting success, without office, market center, or company-wide profit restrictions. It’s the ultimate system of passive income that’s both achievable and transparent.

BIG rewards recruitment of productive agents.

Recruited agents may nominate an individual that most influenced their decision as their sponsoring agent; the recruited agent then becomes part of that agent’s sponsor line. When a Bean Group agent recruits an agent to the company they share in the commission revenue that is generated by the agent that is introduced to the company, as well as the agents that those agents bring on to the company, and so on, extending 10 tiers deep. Bean Group shares back up to 50% of the annual commission revenue from newly recruited agents with the agents that were responsible for recruiting an agent to the company.

BIG Revenue Share is based on two elements:

1. The agents that each agent recruits to the company (agents get sponsorship credit for agents directly recruited, as well as the agents that those recruits bring on, to a depth of ten tiers).

2. The productivity of those recruited agents (agents receive credit for revenue share regardless of which Bean Group office the agent affiliates with).

Agents receive up to $5,000 a year for every agent that they directly recruit to the company. Not only that but agents receive up to $1,000 a year for every agent that is directly recruited by the agent they recruited, and up to $500 a year for agents recruited by those agents (up to 10 tiers deep).

Take at look at the infographic to get an idea of how the program works in the first five tiers, but keep in mind that the actual BIG Revenue Share program has 10 tiers.

Program Details & Definitions

Company Dollar: Commission income retained by the company after all transactional compensation and referrals are paid.

Agent Calendar Year: Each agent has a calendar year that runs for the 12-month period beginning with their anniversary date. For example: an agent with an anniversary date of July 1 has a corresponding calendar year that runs from July 1 through June 30 of the following year.

Bluesky Commission Cap Plan: Bean Group’s capped commission plan.  Agents on our Bluesky Plan are capped at $20,000 company dollar per year.

Revenue Share: For each agent calendar year, the first $10,000 of company dollar generated by the agent is retained by Bean Group. Company dollar in excess of $10,000 during the agent calendar year is distributed back to the agent’s sponsor(s) according to the revenue share formula. Each month the company calculates the total company dollar generated by each agent from closings in that month. Again, the first $10,000 of company dollar generated by each agent annually is retained by the company; any additional company dollar generated by an agent is shared with the agents responsible for recruiting the agent to Bean Group. Revenue share distributions are paid monthly, based on closings from the prior month.

Annual company dollars in excess of $10,000 are shared back to the agent’s revenue share sponsors according to the following schedule (an agent’s direct recruits are level 1, recruits of an agent’s level 1 agents are level 2, etc):

BIG Passive Income Earning Potential

Here two examples of how the BIG revenue share program works:

Example 1: Agent A recruits two agents directly, B and C, who both identify agent A as their sponsor agent at Bean Group. Agents B and C both cap during their agent calendar year, and therefore generate $10,000 ($5,000 each) in revenue share to agent A.

Example 2: Agents B and C from the scenario above each recruit two agents directly; all six agents cap during their respective agent calendar years. Therefore, agents B and C each receive $10,000 in revenue share ($5,000 from each of their direct recruits) while agent A receives $14,000 in total revenue share ($10,000 total from agents A and B, plus $1,000 each from the four agents recruited directly by B and C).

How big can BIG be?

Just to give you an idea of the potential of BIG Revenue Share, here is a hypothetical scenario of the exponential effects of an agent recruiting two capping agents, who in turn each recruit two capping agents, through the ten levels of the BIG Revenue Share program.

Think BIG

Get in on the ground floor and share in our growth!