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We just paid out our first $5,000 BIG agent Revenue Share Payment!

In 2015 Bean Group took the concept of a profit sharing program a giant step forward and introduced BIG Revenue Share, an industry leading, revolutionary, multi-tiered revenue sharing program that allows our agents to share in the growth and success of the company. We introduced the program in February, allowing agents to sponsor new agents to the company and share in commission revenue generated by sponsored agents beginning in May.

Bean Group BIG Revenue Share First Payout

We’d like to offer BIG congratulations to Bev McClellan, our first agent Revenue Share recipient! Bev will see a $5,000 BIG Revenue Share deposit in her bank account tomorrow!

Lawa-Na Guanya, in our Portsmouth, NH office named Bev as her BIG sponsor when she joined Bean Group. Lawa-Na passed the $10,000 commission contribution mark in May AND also blew past the $20,000 commission cap in May. As a result Bean Group is sharing $5,000 in commission revenue with Bev! Congratulations to Lawa-Na too- she’s now capped and will be at 100% Commission for the next seven months!

Unlike typical profit share arrangements, BIG Revenue Share rewards agents directly for helping the company grow through their recruiting success, without office, market center, or company-wide profit restrictions. It’s the ultimate system of passive income that’s both achievable and transparent.

Every Bean Group agent can get BIG. Just introduce a new agent to Bean Group and receive a share of the commission revenue they bring in to the company. Get the details here.

Real Estate CRM Workshop at Bean Group

Bean Group CRMOur latest comprehensive hands-on workshop, the CRM Workshop demonstrates all of the features of Bean Group’s Agent Marketing Platform (AMP) Customer Relationship Management module.  Agents will learn lead and database management tools for all their contacts. Other topics will include e-marketing integration and follow-up tips for Bean Group leads.

Bean Group brings more than a decade of success to our real estate agent training programs. With the addition of this new workshop, along with more exciting training in the works, our agents are given the tools to not only succeed but excel in the marketplace.

The next CRM workshop is held Thursday November 13th from 9:30am-12:30pm in our Portsmouth, NH office. This is open to Bean Group Agents only.

bean group crm training

Bring your agent team to Bean Group!

Bean Group | Exceptional TeamsWe now support agent partnerships and teams with our capped commission plan.

When you move your agent real estate team or partnership to Bean Group you’ll enjoy a significant reduction in your combined annual commission cap. Agent partnerships and teams are capped at one full commission cap of $20,000 plus one 1/2 cap of $10,000 for each additional licensed agent on the team.

Agent Partnerships = Average $15,000 Cap Per Agent

Agent partnerships (50/50 partnerships) are capped at one Full Cap of $20,000 plus one 1/2 Cap at $10,000 for a total partner annual cap of $30,000, which works out to a $15,000 cap for each agent partner.

Three Member Teams = Average $13,333 Cap Per Agent

Agent Teams are capped at one full commission cap of $20,000 plus one 1/2 cap of $10,000 for each licensed agent on the team.  For example, an agent team comprised of a lead agent, a seller specialist, and a buyer specialist would be responsible for a full $20,000 cap for the lead agent, $10,000 for the seller specialist and $10,000 for the buyer specialist. In this case the total team commission cap would be $40,000 per year or an average of $13,333 per agent.

Four Member Teams = Average $12,500 Cap Per Agent

Go ahead and grow your team and add another buyer agent and your team cap will increase by another $10,000 to $50,000 total for a team of four agents (for an average commission cap per agent of $12,500).

Five Member Teams = Average $12,000 Cap Per Agent

When you grow your team to a total of five members your total annual commission would be $60,000 for the entire team, for an average of $12,000 commission cap per agent per year.

Licensed Assistants

There is no commission cap obligation for licensed non-producing assistants.

Office Space

We have turnkey private and shared office space available in many of our offices for use as a home base for your team’s administrative assistant or as a shared office space for your team members.

What would your team or partnership look like at Bean Group? We offer world class support, marketing, technology and training support. Get in touch with us today to discuss how we can help you take your real estate team to the next level!

Renovation Lending Class Offered at Bean Group Amherst

Bean Group’s Amherst office is holding a continuing education elective course, Renovation Lending, taught by Paul Amatucci of Regency Mortgage. This FREE course is eligible for 3 NH, 3 ME and 2 VT credits. The Amherst office is located at 55 Ponemah Road, and the class is on Thursday, October 16th, 9-12. To register, email

Bean Group - Renovation Lending Class

NH Real Estate Core Course at Bean Group

Our Portsmouth office is offering the NH Real Estate Core course from Kathy Roosa, next Tuesday October 14, from 4PM-7PM. Contact: for details and to register.

A4 Agent Success Training Kicks Off Today in our Bedford Office

A4 Success Training begins in Bedford today, October 6th and in Portsmouth on October 21st. Bean Group agents are signing up to get fired up for a great 2015!

A4 success training is comprised of ten classes, offered twice a week for five weeks, conducted in a classroom setting in multiple Bean Group locations. The sessions are designed to foster participation among agents; sharing ideas, experiences and tools that have been successful in their practices.



Q: What is exponentially better than an agent profit share program?

A: Beanstalk, by Bean Group.

It’s been years since the real estate industry has seen any kind of groundbreaking shake-up in agent compensation plans. We think its time to shake things up again.

Get ready to get in on the ground floor of the next big thing.

Beanstalk is launching this month. Get in touch with us for details or just sign up for free updates so you don’t miss a thing – you’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Coming Soon |Bean Group's Beanstalk Profit Sharing

What would you do with a $94,700 commission check?

bean group blue sky commission check

Congratulations to the Bean Group agent that walked away from a successful closing last week with a $94,800 commission check in hand! The great news for the agent is they are part of Bean Group’s Blue Sky Capped Commission Plan, and the agent has already capped for the year, so they receive 100% of their commission check less a $50 per side transaction fee (this was a double ended transaction including a buyer lead from, so the agent is taking home a check of $94,700 – that works out to be effectively a 99.89% commission split.

Experienced real estate agents know that transactions like this don’t happen every day, but it doesn’t have to be a near six-figure payout to realize the benefits of our Blue Sky Capped Commission Plan. For those of you familiar with capped commission plans, you’ll appreciate our ultra low cap of $20,000 per year – and there are no franchise or royalty fees on top.

So…. what would you do with a $94,700 commission check?