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Exceptional Compensation

Our new Blue Sky Compensation Plan is the most attractive capped 100% commission plan available today. Reward yourself by discovering how our exceptional compensation plans maximize the return on your efforts.

Our capped commission plan for real estate agents puts more money in your pocket

Agents on our Blue Sky capped commission plan start their calendar year with a commission split from 70% to 95%, based on their previous twelve month sales volume.
Once an agent contributes $20,000 from their commissions to the company within their calendar year they have ‘capped’ their commission contribution.
When an agent caps they receive 100% of their commission (less a $50 per transaction fee) for the rest of the agent’s calendar year.
That’s it. Blue Sky is truly simple and straightforward.

We think our Blue Sky Compensation Plan creates an exceptional opportunity for real estate agents, and we hope you do too. If you are interested in discussing how Blue Sky and other benefits at Bean Group may help you then get in touch with us!