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Real Estate Agent Teams

We love real estate agent teams!

When you move your agent real estate team or partnership to Bean Group you’ll enjoy a significant reduction in your combined annual commission cap. Agent partnerships and teams are capped at one full commission cap of $20,000 plus one 1/2 cap of $10,000 for each additional licensed agent on the team.

Co-Branding for Real Estate Teams

We assist teams in establishing a professional co-branded image, including team identity and logo development.

Licensed Real Estate Assistants

There is no commission cap obligation for licensed non-producing assistants.

Office Space

We have turnkey private and shared office space available in many of our offices for use as a home base for your team’s administrative assistant or as a shared office space for your team members.

Agent Partnerships

Agent partnerships are capped at one Full Cap of $20,000 plus one 1/2 Cap at $10,000 for a total partner annual cap of $30,000, which works out to a $15,000 cap for each agent partner.

Three Member Teams

Agent Teams are capped at one full commission cap of $20,000 plus one 1/2 cap of $10,000 for each licensed agent on the team.  For example, an agent team comprised of a lead agent, a seller specialist, and a buyer specialist would be responsible for a full $20,000 cap for the lead agent, $10,000 for the seller specialist and $10,000 for the buyer specialist. In this case the total team commission cap would be $40,000 per year or an average of $13,333 per agent.

Four Member Teams

Go ahead and grow your team and add another buyer agent and your team cap will increase by another $10,000 to $50,000 total for a team of four agents (for an average commission cap per agent of $12,500).

Five Member Teams

When you grow your team to a total of five members your total annual commission would be $60,000 for the entire team, for an average of $12,000 commission cap per agent per year.

Mega Agent Teams

There is no limit to how large you can grow your real estate team at Bean Group. Contact us to discuss your ideal team structure.

What would your team or partnership look like at Bean Group? We offer world class support, marketing, technology and training support. Get in touch with us today to discuss how we can help you take your real estate team to the next level!