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Real Estate Career Training Program

In 2014, Bean Group introduced the A4 real estate training program, designed to help our agents reach their greatest potential through enhanced branding, adopting a disciplined approach to customer acquisition, improving communication and presentation skills and by elevating the service provided to their clients.

A4 success training is comprised of ten interactive half day workshops, offered twice a week for five weeks, conducted in a classroom setting in multiple Bean Group locations. The sessions are designed to foster participation among agents; sharing ideas, experiences and tools that have been successful in their practices.

A4 is delivered in 4 phases, Acclimate, Accelerate, Ascend and Achieve.

The A4 Real Estate Success Curriculum

Acclimate 101 – Build Your Basecamp

An updated image is the best way to stay relevant and at the center of someone’s radar. In Acclimate 101 our agents learn the importance of creating and maintaining an outstanding professional image complimented by Bean Group branding. We introduce Bean Group messaging and collaterals and talk about how the brand helps to elevate their marketing efforts.

Acclimate 102 – Your Dynamic Database

Having a comprehensive, accessible customer database is essential to success in real estate. In Acclimate 102 our Bean Group agents explore the importance of developing and maintaining a client database, its impact on the health of their business and customer attraction strategy, as well as some of the options when choosing a database.

Accelerate 201 – Planning For Your Success

The most successful agents know the value of setting goals for their business. In Accelerate 201, all aspects of goal setting and how to remove roadblocks that impede success are explored. As a result, agents create an annual business plan, as well as a marketing calendar aligned with their plan.

Accelerate 202 – Customer Attraction Through Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing has revolutionized the world of customer attraction. The most successful companies use a multitude of tools to attract customers before they have the need for their products. In Accelerate 202, we examine how agents can use inbound marketing strategies to attract people to their brand, converting them to lasting customers.

Ascend 301 – The Winning Listing Presentation

May the best agent win! In Ascend 301 we explore how to create and present a winning listing presentation, which emphasizes the value of our brand and distinguishes Bean Group from the competition.

Ascend 302 – Successful Seller Communication

Professional communication is critical in every aspect of the business. Working with sellers brings additional communication expectations to the transaction including accommodating shifting showing schedules, pricing and property feedback from buyers. Ascend 302 focuses on creating systems that ensure that you exceed the highest level of communication with your listing clients.

Ascend 303 – Marketing Your Listings

First impressions matter! Ascend 303 starts with the basics including quality photography, the importance of the property description and holding successful open houses. We explore the services of Bean Group’s Listing Launch program and the many Bean Group marketing tools available to promote our listings.

Ascend 304 – Winning The Buyer

In Ascend 304, we focus on creating and delivering a buyer presentation that solidifies you as “their agent”, resulting in an executed buyer agency contract. Explore what to cover in the presentation and when and how to have the discussion about buyer agency.

Ascend 305 – Negotiations, Offers & Counteroffers

Getting a property under contract is the key to success in real estate. The devil is in the details. In Ascend 305 we review the elements of the purchase and sales agreement, offer and counteroffer strategies and paving the way for successful negotiations.

Achieve 401 – Creating Raving Fans

Satisfied customers are not enough. To keep them coming back, and to create a referral stream that leads to the growth of their business, agents need to provide superior service during the transaction and long after the keys are passed at the table. In Achieve 401 we explore how to develop systems that guarantee superior client service, as well as a communication plan that keeps our agents in the forefront of their past clients’ minds in the months and years after the closing.

What Can A4 Do For You?

“What A4 does for me is increase my level of confidence when going out into the market place, thus transforming me into the kind of professional any buyer or seller would want to have represent them in a transaction. Thank you from the bottom of my pocketbook since what your training is doing is ultimately putting money in my bank account.”   Kathy Corson, Bean Group Portsmouth

“You will be thrilled to know that I just signed up with a database/crm program. I imported almost 2,400 contacts into it and am ready to rock and roll with this thing! Thank your for inspiring me to get my act together in order to better service my clients while keeping in touch with my sphere! My first newsletter goes out next week. I’m so excited!” Joey Sweatt, Bean Group Northern NH & VT

It doesn’t matter if you are a real estate agent, doctor, lawyer, or professional athlete – successful careers require planning, mastery of the fundamentals, and a never ending commitment to further development of your skills. Bean Group’s A4 training program is your path to an exceptional career in real estate. A4 is designed to help you generate more leads, enhance your brand, grow as a professional, and reach your greatest potential.