The Daily Bean | Email Etiquette For Real Estate Agents

The Daily Bean | 12.5.18 | Issue 005

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Earlier this week we started a discussion on the importance of building a solid foundation for your online brand. Your biography, headshot, and website are all critical pieces of that foundation, but have you considered how your email etiquette impacts the impression you have on clients?

Email is most likely the main way that you connect with clients and other business contacts, so every message you send is your chance to make a good impression… or a bad one. Here are some etiquette basics that we encourage you to practice in your client communications:

  • Use a professional signature — even on your phone. As a new agent, we create your default Bean Group email signature and we encourage you to adopt this format. While we understand that you may wish to make changes or revisions to your signature (go ahead and add links to your social media sites!), we advise that you keep your signature simple, engaging, and please — don’t use comic sans!
  • Attempt to write like an editor. While you may not be writing a college paper, that doesn’t mean you’re not being graded. Pay attention to your spelling and grammar, and remember, there are lots of proofreading tools available — we especially love Grammarly.
  • Greet your client. It’s important to start and end a conversation with pleasantries — a simple hi, hello, and thank you will go a long way.
  • Avoid CAPS, exclamation points, and emojis. Do not shout or be over the top in your emails with clients, and be cautious with using emojis — not everyone’s a fan, especially in a business context.