The Daily Bean | Basic Daily Tasks To Maximize Your Real Estate Career Success

The Daily Bean | 12.10.18 | Issue 010

Welcome to The Daily Bean! The mission of The Daily Bean is to give you daily tips, resources, and timely information that you can act on to maximize your real estate career at Bean Group.


A busy schedule isn’t the same thing as a productive schedule. In the real estate business, there are so many things you could be doing every day that sometimes it can be overwhelming to know where to begin. Here are some of the most basic tasks you should try to tackle daily (or at least consistently!) to maximize your success:

  • Catch up. Check your emails, voicemails, texts, or social media messages received. Check MLS for any new listings, price changes, and other market activity in your marketplace. Don’t forget to check your schedule for the day!
  • Follow up. Return emails, calls, texts, or social media messages received. Service or update clients and pending transactions. Check your calendar for any contact anniversaries, birthdays, etc. and reach out accordingly.
  • Lead conversion. Follow up with potential listing and buyer leads, review user activity and alerts in your CRM, and convert to appointments.
  • Marketing & lead generation. Add at least one contact a day to your CRM database. Share a listing from your agent website to your Facebook page. Share or create at least one post on LinkedIn.

Remember that it’s very important to keep adding contacts, and to stay engaged with prospects throughout your pipeline, rather than just focusing on showings and closings.