The Daily Bean | How To Include LinkedIn In Your Real Estate Business Plan

The Daily Bean | 12.8.18 | Issue 008

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Yesterday in The Daily Bean, we discussed why you should be including LinkedIn in your business plan, today we’ll tell you how. From beginner to advanced, we’ll cover things you can do to effectively take advantage of the LinkedIn platform.


  • Create an account. Not a LinkedIn member? CLICK HERE to get started.
  • Setup your profile. Be sure to upload a professional headshot, fill in experience, skills, and accomplishments, and take time to write a compelling summary. Don’t forget to add a link to your agent website!
  • Customize your URL. Customize your LinkedIn domain name to better brand your account. You may want to use your name or business, but stay consistent with how you are branding yourself on your website, Facebook, etc. CLICK HERE to learn how to change your LinkedIn URL.
  • Build your recommendations and skills & endorsements. Reach out to past clients or other professionals that you are connected with and with whom you have a positive relationship with. Ask for recommendations, and recommend them too. Remember, reciprocity is always appreciated.


  • Build a network of connections. Search by location to build a network of potential clients and referral sources. Connect with local professionals who can refer business to you (i.e. builders, construction companies, mortgage and title companies, etc.)
  • Join groups. Joining groups related to your business is an easy way to expand your network.
  • Create content. Create and share content that demonstrates your knowledge, but also provides value to your target audience. Be sure to ask yourself these two questions before posting: Is it professional? Does it answer a question or provide a tip?


  • Export connections to your database. Did you know you can export all of your LinkedIn contacts? This is an easy way to add 100 or even 500 people to your database. CLICK HERE to learn how.
  • Be actively engaged with prospects. If you post content, keep an eye on the comments. If someone comments or asks a question, respond as quickly as you can. Quick action creates results.
  • Use paid campaigns. LinkedIn’s advertising tools allow you to hyper-target your ideal audience.