The Daily Bean | Do You Have An Anchor Client?

The Daily Bean | 12.24.18 | Issue 024

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While the traditional approaches to generating leads, like farming past clients and your personal sphere, are always important, 2019 might be the year to add a more predictable and stable component to your business.

We all need transactions to operate, but a transaction does not necessarily improve your business. As you review your past year’s performance and plan for 2019, consider developing an anchor client – a client resource that will provide you multiple transactions year after year, often including transactions that are not seasonally or market dependent. Some examples of anchor clients are HR directors, attorneys, asset managers, financial planners, non-profit organizations – the list goes on. These relationships will take more time and resources to secure, but once achieved, they will provide a more stable and predictable income, with a higher per-hour return than many of the traditional approaches. Very few agents go after this type of business, as it requires looking past the short-term return and investing more time and effort, keeping competition minimal.

Here’s to making 2019 your most successful year ever!