The Daily Bean | Keep in Touch with your Real Estate Database with a Touch Program

The Daily Bean | 1.7.19 | Issue 036

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It’s a common struggle among real estate agents – how do you keep in touch with the people in your database? One strategy is to create a consistent touch program. A touch program should include multiple channels for communication such as direct mail, email, and phone calls. Text messages are viewed as communication which imparts “urgent” information, so use those sparingly, if at all. Smoke signals can’t be used at night or when it’s raining.

How often should you be in touch? These programs work quite well when the frequency is 2-3 times per month. For example, the marketing company Hobbs Herder advises that a new consumer needs to hear your name 24-26 times before they remember your name and relate it to what you do.

What communication channel should I use to touch my database? Mix it up! For this example, I’m deciding to contact 2 times per month or 24 touches per year. Email is free and if you’re sending one per month, there’s 12 touches. Direct mail marketing pieces can be accomplished for less than $1 each, especially if you’re sending postcards, and 4 to 6 mailings per year are a reasonable standard. Calling everyone quarterly (4) is easy to schedule and phone calls are free. It counts even if you just leave a message! A handwritten note to follow-up your phone call (4) is a natural (include your business card). That’s a quick 24 touches and there are even more creative touches when you think about it.

What should be in my emails? Messages are more successful when they are relevant, so avoid sending new listing notifications and mortgage rates to someone who just closed on a house last week. Here is a partial list of possible content:

  • New listings
  • An electronic copy of your newsletter
  • A copy of your blog post (with a link to the site)
  • “New Neighbor” announcement (introduce your new buyer with photo)
  • Anything related to home ownership
  • “Top 10 Ways to do ________”
  • Market stats
  • Copies of local news stories
  • “Just Sold” email with client testimonial
  • Just sold/just listed lists in your market area
  • Open house invites

What should I include as mailing pieces? Print mailing pieces should provide variety. Include information that will be useful to your clients. It’s good to reflect your own personality too – this should feel like it’s from you and directed to them. As advertisers using “junk mail” have switched to email delivery, your use of delivered mail will stand out more.

  • Handwritten notes have the highest impact
  • Just listed/just sold postcards
  • Anniversary of “Your Home Purchase” cards
  • Birthday cards
  • Holiday cards
  • Send a postcard offering your services – let your personality show (if you’re funny, it can be funny; if you like stats, make it about stats, etc.)
  • Generic newsletters – cover a larger geographic area, like a whole town
  • Geographic farm newsletters – specifics about the properties and residents within a farm area
  • Everytime you read a news article about someone in your database, cut it out and send it to them

What about phone calls? It’s up to you. You can make them all business or more folksy, but make sure your call has a purpose. Remember, these aren’t cold calls – they are people you know and who know you.

  • A basic call to a previous buyer can be as simple as “How’s the family”,  “How’s the house”, “Do you know anyone that’s thinking of buying, selling, or investing in real estate?”
  • Don’t want to get trapped in a 30-minute call with a chatty client? Start with the phrase “This call is about business.”
  • Getting voicemail is ok. Leave a short, direct message. They still got to hear your name and that you cared enough to call!