The Daily Bean | Social Media Marketing Strategies for Real Estate Agents

The Daily Bean | 1.24.19 | Issue 049

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It’s 2019, and by now you have likely established social media accounts with the intent to market your real estate business. But are you concerned that you may not have the perfect strategy in place for optimal impact on each platform?

The intricacies of multiple social media channels can be a bit intimidating to even the most successful agents, and with the extreme speed of change in the digital world, there may never be a perfect formula for social media success.

By focusing on a few basic principles, though, you can keep your online presence on track and growing in reach and impact:

  • Choose your social media platforms carefully. You don’t need to be on all of them. Choose two or three platforms – consider Facebook and LinkedIn at a minimum – where your target audience is likely greatest, and maximize your efforts there.
  • Educate your customers. Share advice, tips, and industry updates. Post homeowner hints, community information, or simply share an interesting article. This is a fool-proof way to engage with your audience and to provide them with something of value.
  • Don’t make every post about your listings. Chances are your audience knows you are an agent, and constant trumpeting of your new listings or sales successes alone may cause them to tune you out. A healthy combination of valuable content (see above) and sales-oriented posts should keep your followers coming back.
  • Be responsive. Whether someone comments on one of your posts or sends a question via direct message, it’s important to respond promptly and professionally. Remember, you never know where your next lead might come from – it could be sitting in your Facebook Messenger inbox!
  • Don’t ignore your existing clients. Invite current and past clients to connect with you on social media. They just might become your strongest advocates!
  • Promote your posts. While social media platforms can be a great free marketing tool, investing in a campaign or boosting your posts can be a cost-effective way to get your content in front of new consumers. Most platforms offer demographic targeting tools which help you to reach your ideal audience.
  • Give it time. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t see an immediate benefit from your social media efforts. Social media marketing takes time to yield results, and keeping a current online presence should be a part of your long-term business plan.

Remember that your social media strategy doesn’t need to be complicated. The most important thing is to have one.