Social Media Q&A with Bean Group Agent April Cohen

We recently sat down with South Portland Bean Group agent April Cohen and asked about her social media presence and her thoughts on the importance of social media marketing in building a successful real estate business.

What social media platforms are you on?

Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn.

Are your social media handles consistent? Do you believe consistency is important?

Instagram and Facebook, yes. I feel it is the BEST WAY to stay top-of-mind in the least expensive way, although I do boost a lot of posts on our team Facebook page. But everyone knows me as SoPoRealtor. It’s pretty cool!

Which platforms do you receive the most engagement from followers?

Instagram and Facebook.

What’s your advice for agents who are getting started on social media?

Don’t be shy and don’t hard sell. You want to be known for real estate, but people also want to know that you are human – so post that pic of your dog laying in mud! You don’t have to have a listing to post about real estate either. Post articles or take a pic of something funny you see at a showing – people will always comment if you post a pic of a working toilet in a basement because that is weird and mind-blowing. I also have been known to stand on my desk or sleep on it and make my assistant take a pic. I just want to engage with people and make it fun! “Fun” is engaging. “Buy this” is not.

How often do you advise posting? Days and times?

I post multiple times of day every day of the week. Whether it’s a story on my Instagram or a post on my personal page. I try to not post TOO much but I always want to be top-of-mind. Stories are fun because they don’t hang around forever and when you take a video of yourself chatting about whatever, people feel like they know you, which will, in turn, make them more comfortable to work with you. Sometimes it’s just more appropriate to do a story than a post. Your page is your brand, some stuff just doesn’t need to stick around forever because it’s fun and engaging for only a moment.

How do you foster a sense of community with your social audience?  

See above regarding stories, and I respond to everything! Whether I like their comment or comment back. I have always taken a very organic approach to social media. I want people to feel comfortable to comment and know that I will respond back.

How much time do you spend on social media daily for your business?

Probably too much! I really have no idea but I don’t like to let people linger especially if I have posted something I know will spark engagement. You can’t post and check back in two days later. What’s the point? You gotta follow up quickly. I don’t have notifications turned on, but maybe some people should do that so they don’t miss a comment or an opportunity to chat with someone.

How has social media benefited your business?

I seriously have no idea how I would have grown my business to what it is today without social media. Seriously. I have SO many clients from high school or referrals from friends who only know I sell real estate because we are friends on social media. It’s amazing! I am even starting to get clients from Instagram followers. I need to write Mark Zuckerberg a thank you note.

What are some tips for social media success?

Be yourself and don’t be shy. Everyone thinks “no one cares if I post about…” YES, THEY DO! If you aren’t complaining about your personal life or being overly political, people care and will like and engage. Also, the more you post, the more you will pop up in news feeds. The more you pop up in news feeds, the more people remember you. SO HAVE FUN and POST IT UP!

What are some mistakes you made along the way?

I look back in my memories sometimes and I just posted random stuff that just wasn’t engage-worthy. You have to prompt people to want to engage. Don’t be vague.