Communication Tools to Keep Your Real Estate Business Relationships Strong


This is an important time to stay connected, whether it’s with clients or colleagues, it’s important to continue these relationships. Here are a few communication tools you should be utilizing to help keep your business relationships strong:

Keep in mind that people are scrolling more – social media is super important right now! To be top-of-mind, you want to be where people are spending their time. Social media is a great way to build connections. Make sure to take the time each day to build your presence on social media. Keep the content of your posts positive and helpful!

This is an important time for you to connect with past clients and active prospects, and incorporating email marketing into your existing marketing strategy can be extremely beneficial. Email marketing services like Constant Contact and MailChimp offer responsive email templates that make formatting emails simple. Review these services and determine what works best for your email marketing strategy.

Texting is already a common method utilized by many; in many ways it has replaced a majority of our phone calls. Consider how you can best utilize texting with your friends, family, and clients. Sending a quick text message to others during difficult times can help reconnect and stir up business.

Now is the best time to pick up the phone! If you have clients that are not tech-savvy or video conferencing is not an option, give them a ring. Tone and inflection are an important part of a conversation and social interactions; by calling your clients you can emphasize how we are in this together and how you are available to help them with their needs.

Staying connected virtually is essential! Video tools like FaceTime, Zoom, Google Hangouts, and many more are easily accessible. Being able to video call with clients will help provide that face-to-face communication that is so important to the real estate industry while still following guidelines and social distancing. Take time to find the tool that is easiest for you and your clients to use.