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January 9, 2020

Announcing Bean Group’s Top Agent Performers for Q4 2019

Announcing Bean Group’s Top Agent Performers for Q4 2019

We are pleased to announce Bean Group’s top performers for the fourth quarter of 2019! The agents listed below are the top performers in the following categories:

  • Top 15 by Transactions
  • Top 15 by Sales Volume
  • Top 5 by State (Transactions)

Congratulations to all of our top performers for Q4 2019! Well done!

  1. Sue Meservier (73)
  2. Janna Syrene (36)
  3. Marianna Vis (29)
  4. Kenny Jacques (28)
  5. Jody Hammond (22)
  6. Jamieson Duston (20)
  7. Erickson Croteau Team (18)
  8. Jan Wickens (17)
  9. Cassie Mason Szeliga (16)
  10. Glenn Smith (14)
  11. Keith Nicely (14)
  12. Jeffrey Levine (13)
  13. April Cohen (12)
  14. David Christensen (12)
  15. Colin Murdough (12)

  1. Marianna Vis ($16,494,236)
  2. Sue Meservier ($14,358,539)
  3. Janna Syrene ($10,988,500)
  4. Jamieson Duston ($9,308,100)
  5. Barbara Dunkle ($8,695,000)
  6. Jeffrey Levine ($5,679,747)
  7. Erickson Croteau Team ($5,228,285)
  8. Sadie Halliday ($4,693,741)
  9. April Cohen ($4,630,472)
  10. Rosalie Andrews ($4,455,800)
  11. David Marsden ($4,207,125)
  12. Kate Adler ($3,995,980)
  13. David Christensen ($3,983,900)
  14. Kenny Jacques ($3,875,700)
  15. Glenn Smith ($3,740,000)

  1. Sue Meservier (73)
  2. Janna Syrene (36)
  3. Kenny Jacques (28)
  4. Jody Hammond (22)
  5. Erickson Croteau Team (18)

  1. Siga Snipas (5)
  2. Beth Miller (3)
  3. Valerie McGillivray (3)
  4. Joanne Hamel (3)

  1. Marianna Vis (29)
  2. Jamieson Duston (20)
  3. Jan Wickens (17)
  4. Glenn Smith (14)
  5. Jeffrey Levine (13)

  1. Patricia DelGiorno (4)
  2. Seth Barbiero (3)
  3. Rachel Febbie (3)
  4. Elena Borriello (3)
  5. Amy Hill (3)

Bean Group’s Winter 2019/2020 Platinum Collection Catalog Now Live!

Bean Group’s Winter 2019/2020 Platinum Collection Catalog Now Live!

Winter in New England is a fabulous time to get out and enjoy the natural splendor of the season, be it skiing in the White Mountains, snowmobiling in the Lakes Region, or just making a snowman in your backyard. These frosty months define the people of New England and enhance the exceptional diversity this region offers.

In the spirit of these passions and pastimes, we designed our Winter 2019/2020 Platinum Collection Catalog to showcase some of the most impressive properties currently on the market in New England.

Bean Group’s Platinum Collection Catalog is a monthly publication showcasing the most premier and luxurious properties currently on the market and listed exclusively by Bean Group Platinum members.

For more information on Bean Group’s luxury homes marketing division, please contact Adam Dean at adam.dean@beangroup.com.

December 13, 2019

5 Reasons Why You Should Make the Switch to a Career in Real Estate

5 Reasons Why You Should Make the Switch to a Career in Real Estate

Thinking about a career in real estate? It’s no surprise that each year more and more people make a career switch. But did you know, *95% of agents left their previous career to become a real estate agent? Here are five reasons why you should think about a career in real estate.

Flexibility. Real estate agents have more overall flexibility. Whether it’s hours, location, part-time vs full-time, or just plain being their own boss. Most people today are looking for a career where they have more work-life balance. This is something that most real estate agents attain and once they do they don’t turn back.

Passion. Real estate agents find the field intriguing. With the ever-changing landscape (literally), agents are able to continuously learn more about the industry and grow their business at their own pace. Their efforts aren’t solely reflected and/or rewarded by someone else. Earnings are from the hard work the agent themselves puts forth.

Unlimited Income Potential. One of the biggest deciding factors in becoming a real estate agent is the unlimited earnings potential. Salaried jobs come with a base only, and sometimes an opportunity for commission. Real estate is a commission-based job that allows you to get back in income what you put forth in effort and energy. You have the opportunity to be in total control of your income potential.

More Independence. In the real estate business, you have the ability to be your own boss. You determine your own goals, set your own hours, and earn what you want with the uncapped potential earnings. Getting your real estate license means you’re the decision-maker – it puts you in the driver’s seat.

Ease of entry. A college degree or specific experience aren’t needed to become a real estate agent or broker. The educational requirement for licensing requires legitimate focus and commitment, it doesn’t require years of study or a huge expenditure.

 *According to The National Association of Realtors® (NAR) 95% of agents chose a real estate career after leaving one or two previous careers—usually in business, finance, or management.