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July 22, 2019

Email & Wire Fraud Risk Reduction Techniques for Real Estate Agents

Email & Wire Fraud Risk Reduction Techniques for Real Estate Agents

Email account breach and wire fraud are threats faced by everyone in the real estate industry. The following tips have been compiled by our E&O provider to help protect your livelihood and reputation from the damage these crimes can cause. 

TIP 1: Use your brokerage email for any business communications, instead of a personal account through Google, Yahoo, or other free providers. Commercial accounts like Google’s Business level G-Suite typically have strong firewalls, effective spam protection, 24×7 monitoring, and other security features not available through 3rd party providers.

TIP 2: Be sure that the parties to a transaction know never to respond to emailed wiring instructions without separate verification by phone from a confirmed authority. Also, tell them to contact you immediately if they receive an email containing any change in financial instructions. 

TIP 3: Use a commercial-grade antivirus program that is updated automatically, especially for a Windows PC. Don’t rely on free or cheap programs – when it comes to digital protection, spending the extra money is worth it. Also, be sure to turn on automatic updates, so you don’t miss out on the latest defenses against new viruses. 

TIP 4: Never use public computers for work – they are too vulnerable. 

TIP 5:Be careful when using public Wi-Fi. Connecting through your smartphone’s hotspot feature is a safer alternative while on the go. 

TIP 6: Create strong passwords that feature uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters. Passwords of at least 10 characters in length are recommended.

TIP 7: Change your passwords often, and don’t use the same password on different accounts

TIP 8: Don’t share your computer with anyone else. If sharing a computer can’t be avoided, make sure guest users have a password-protected, non-admin guest account

TIP 9: Enable 2-step verification system for all online accounts. 2SV – AKA multifactor authentication – requires login credentials (user ID and password) plus the entry of a verification code or other authentication step on a known device. Once established, 2SV requires minimal effort and is a major barrier to phishing attempts that lead to an account breach.

Elizabeth Bonin Joins Bean Group as Growth Marketing Manager

Elizabeth Bonin Joins Bean Group as Growth Marketing Manager

We are pleased to announce that Elizabeth Bonin has joined Bean Group as Growth Marketing Manager. Elizabeth’s background includes more than seven years of experience in marketing and communications, with specific skills in online demand generation, digital marketing strategy and automation, and a bachelor’s degree in Communication and Digital Media. Working from our Portsmouth office, Elizabeth is excited to bring her skill set to the Bean Group team.

Outside of the office, Elizabeth can be found traveling or enjoying the great outdoors. Her favorite pastimes are flying, hiking, boating, snowboarding, and snowmobiling.

Welcome, Elizabeth!

July 10, 2019

Announcing Bean Group’s Top Agent Performers for Q2 2019

Announcing Bean Group’s Top Agent Performers for Q2 2019

We are pleased to announce Bean Group’s top performers for the second quarter of 2019! The agents and teams listed below are the top performers in the following categories:

  • Top 15 by Transactions
  • Top 15 by Sales Volume
  • Top 5 by State (Transactions)

Congratulations to all of our top performers for Q2 2019! Well done!

  1. Sue Meservier (65)
  2. Janna Syrene (34)
  3. Keith Nicely (21)
  4. Erickson Croteau Team (20)
  5.  David Marsden (18)
  6.  Matthew Cabana (18)
  7.  April Cohen (17)
  8.  Jan Wickens (17)
  9.  Kenny Jacques (16)
  10.  Jody Hammond (16)
  11.  Jamieson Duston (15)
  12.  Sadie Halliday (15)
  13.  Barry Warhola (14)
  14.  Heidi Young (14)
  15.  Lee Ann Parks (14)
  1. Sue Meservier ($10,954,125)
  2. Janna Syrene ($8,682,350)
  3. Joe Leddy ($7,922,500)
  4. Jamieson Duston ($6,921,830)
  5. David Marsden ($6,760,700)
  6. Marianna Vis ($6,707,620)
  7. Brad Boisvert ($6,146,686)
  8. Donna Goodspeed ($5,608,550)
  9. Keith Nicely ($5,409,750)
  10. April Cohen ($5,329,150)
  11. Erickson Croteau Team ($5,246,062)
  12. David Christensen ($4,987,164)
  13. Matthew Cabana ($4,979,400)
  14. Jeff Levine ($4,951,800)
  15. Kathy Corson ($4,665,800)
  1. Matthew Cabana
  2. Jamieson Duston
  3. Sadie Halliday
  4. Barry Warhola
  5. Colin Murdough
  1. Sue Meservier
  2. Janna Syrene 
  3. Keith Nicely
  4. Erickson Croteau Team
  5. David Marsden
  1. Susanne Newman
  2. Robin Moore
  3. Vasia Kalaras
  4. Joanne Hamel
  5. Marie LaMora
  1. Seth Barbiero 
  2. Amy Hill
  3. Elena Borriello
  4. John Waite
  5. Rachel Febbie
July 9, 2019

Bean Group New Agent Orientation: July 2019

Bean Group New Agent Orientation: July 2019

We had a great turn out for July’s New Agent Orientation session earlier this week at our Portsmouth, NH headquarters!

We are pleased to welcome Avery Galarraga (South Portland, ME office), Bridget Roberts (Bedford, NH office), Cam Bisson (Portsmouth, NH office), Tim Gordon (Rindge, NH office), Diane Lawley (Stratham, NH office), and Brad Church (South Portland, ME office) to the Bean Group family!