Best Commission Plan. Ever.

reinvest your commissions in your business and personal brand

At Bean Group, our philosophy is simple – be transparent, provide exceptional value, and let our agents keep their hard earned commissions to reinvest in their business growth.

Our Agent Plan

85% Commission | $7,500 Cap

Our agents start their year with a 85% commission split. Once an agent contributes $7,500 from their gross commissions to the company within their calendar year they have ‘capped’ their commission contribution and are at 100% commission for the rest of the year.

Our Team Plan

95% Commission | $10,000 Team Cap

Teams are easy to create at Bean Group.

Teams Caps are $10,000 and additional team members add $1,000 to the annual team cap.

Do the math

a team of 3 has an annual cap of $10,000 + (2X$1,000) = $12,000.

a team of 7 has an annual cap of $10,000 + (6x$1,000) = $16,000.

It’s a simple and scalable plan to help you grow your business.

No Annual Fees, No Franchise Fees, No Desk Fees, No Errors & Omissions Fees

Our agents pay a $99 monthly membership fee. We collect a $249 transaction fee at the closing. There are no errors & omissions or other company fees. Period.

Need a private office for you or your team?

We have private office suites available in many BG offices, at no charge.




* 85/7500 Agent Plan and 95/10000 Team Plan may be unavailable in select offices, or available subject to broker approval. Our classic 75/15000/199 plan is also available. Expansion office opportunities available. Contact us for details.